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ABOUT Celebrate Life Events



For the past couple of years Celebrate Life has been focussing on developing workshops for young people. Using activities, games, stories and short videos, participants are encouraged to learn about themselves. These creative workshops will be available soon. You can read more about them here.


We collaborate with artists, communities and groups to create multicultural music events which also contain dance, spoken word, film, storytelling and art.

Each event contains a message of peace, togetherness and humanity whether that be through the performance itself or through short film. You can read more here



All our events are documented by a professional film crew, and thanks to our resident editor and filmmaker, Wendy Lewis, short films are made from each event. You can view the full collection here

Aside from that we have recently completed our first documentary 'Power to Change'.



We collaborated with the Little Big Peace Festival in Streatham for four years, organised a mini World Music Festival in Battersea Park, and took part in the Croydon Peace Festival in 2017. So far we have met with great success and we plan to branch out into other festivals in the coming years.

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All our events contain an element of film, even if it's just a slideshow on the wall, but some of our events have film as the main focus.

Our first cinema event was at The Ritzy in Brixton, showing the UK premiere of 'Peacemakers' a conversation between Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, and Prem Rawat, Ambassador of Peace.


We occasionally organise fundraisers for charities that are making a genuine difference. Our favourite is 'Food for People' which has facilities in Ghana, India and Nepal. We collaborate with other charities too, and most of our events have a variety of charities represented on information tables at the back. 

Join the party and celebrate life!


What can every single one of us celebrate? Something we all have in common, no matter what our age, background or birth place? Life of course!

And what makes a celebration enjoyable? Music, dance, food, and good company - and this is exactly what Celebrate Life events are all about.


More than just a great night out…


Celebrate Life organises ultra-friendly, multicultural events with a twist. Each one is carefully crafted to take you on a journey, leaving you in a different frame of mind than when you first walked through the door.

As organisers we’ve learnt that there are some things you can’t actually organise. All you can do is put the right pieces in place, set the stage (literally) and let the magic do its work.


A powerful mix


People talk about the power of music, but what is that power? How does music make you feel?

Art is a tool of expression, and when the artistry of music, dance, storytelling and film are expressing something very real and human, then something unusual starts to happen.

Each musician and performer at each one of our events is, in a sense, a part of the Celebrate Life team - not just a paid performer doing a gig. Their unique expression creates the pixels which make up a bigger picture, a universal message that weaves through every set. Unity, humanity, inner strength, co-existing peacefully, celebrating our cultural differences and sharing our fundamental similarities.


How do we know it works?


Look around at a Celebrate Life event and you'll see this isn’t some fanciful theory, it’s being put into practice right now - not only are the musicians collaborating from across unexpected countries - even countries which may actually be at war with each other - but the audience is also an extremely diverse mix of ages and cultures. Not even we have worked out where they all come from (although we have noticed they keep coming back)!


The more the merrier


Whoever you are, and wherever you're from you'll find a very warm welcome at our next Celebrate Life event. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and an open heart...and help us get the party started!

‘For me, such an opportunity is golden. It is a rare occasion that cultural diversity is celebrated musically in such an accessible way.’

~Rachel Hayter (flautist)

'Music is a powerful weapon for peace.'

~ Dele Sosimi, (Afrobeat)

‘I love to contribute to something which is bigger than me, and today it’s very much like that. I’m extremely privileged to be chosen to be a part of it and am humbled by the whole experience.’

~Siemy Di (percussionist)

What People Say:

'Coming to something like this opens your heart, and you go back home with a little bit of peace.’


'I love the whole

idea of this event, that it's bringing together diverse cultures and it's a celebration of those cultures that seem separated. I'm from South Africa so this is something which really resonated

with me.'

'The whole atmosphere in this place has been wicked. I'd definitely come again 100%'

‘I came to

your event a month ago and I found it extraordinary. I just wanted to come back again and feel

that feeling.’

'I'll take away

the message:  'You are looking for peace, and peace is looking for you. Be still, so that the peace can find you!'

- what a line!' 


‘I saw many

faces of that multicultural integration that I haven't seen before in my lifetime’

~Rwandan Elder

'We'd like more

events like this.

A good cause and good fun!

'The event

was called Songs to Inspire, and it definitely inspired

me a lot!'



absolute blast!'

'This event

changed my

perspective on


'It was the 

most enjoyable evening for a long time!'


'Great idea. Should have more events like this.'

'Each part

was a wonderful

gift. Thank


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Celebrate Life Ethos

What we do:

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