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For filmmaking in 2024

Celebrate Life CIC is raising £10,000 to cover: - 2 animation videos, - 3 Interview videos, - 3 Music and Spoken Word videos.

We are once again turning to our amazing community, near and far, to support the production of our next batch of films.


Why we are Crowdfunding:

To find funding for independent filmmaking is always a challenge. Corporate sponsors often have their own agenda and funds come with strings attached. It's very important to us that we can tell the stories as they need to be told. Power to Change came about through the generous support of crowd-funders and we are hugely grateful for the freedom this allowed us while making the film.

This is why we have opted for crowdfunding for a second time.

Trailer for Power to Change


Why are our costs so low?:

Because we work to a tight budget with many people choosing to volunteer their time or offering skills for a reduced fee.

What we want to do:

We would like to continue with a series of videos for the workshops we run and in particular want to fund:

  • Animation videos: Bringing timeless wisdom into the present. We're very proud of the 5 videos we have completed so far and would like to keep increasing the series. The next animation video we are commissioning is the story of the Archer, or 'Splitting the Arrow'. The cost of animating this video is £2500, and work has already begun. You can see our animation videos here

  • 'What is' Series: We would like to continue on the theme of our enormously popular 'What is Hope' video. Next in the series is: What is Love, What is Peace, and What is Freedom. These work very well in the workshops which are themed along topics. Each video costs approximately £1000. 'What is Hope?' The first in the series

  • Music and Spoken Word: These powerful videos are used in our workshops with great impact. Depending on the costs of footage and music they cost between £500 - £1000 per video.


Donate or Sponsor

If you would like to sponsor a specific video please get in touch, or state it in your message when you donate. We would love to credit you or your company at the end of the video.

Upcoming Screenings of Power to Change

Please see here for more details about our new Power to Change documentary, and if you'd like to find articles, photos and videos of past events please check out our 'Previous Events' page.

Online Premiere of Power to Change


1st May, Wednesday, 2024 



Power to Change is launching on YouTube with multiple subtitled languages!

POWER to CHANGE tells the stories of five people: EJ a young man drawn into gang culture from an early age; Lorraine a grieving mother who lost her son to knife-crime as he saved another boy; Gerald, founder of Impact Brixton, who learned to navigate one of London’s most dangerous areas after emigrating from Ghana as a child; Errol a repeat offender with 74 previous convictions; and Nate a former gang-member who was brutally stabbed by a childhood friend.
The stories are woven together by Kaysen, a teacher, who passionately believes in supporting young people. Adding a unique perspective to this mix we hear from author and peace-educator Prem Rawat whose work in prisons in the UK and around the world has had a remarkable impact. Power to change was crowdfunded by the community and came together with the support and collaboration of many people.

We are very excited to be offering it freely on YouTube in multiple languages!

These will be the subtitle options for the film:















You can watch the Power to Change live on 1st May, Wednesday, at 8PM BST, and we will answer comments live, or you can catch it anytime thereafter.


Guest Comments after Premiere Screening:

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