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ARTICLE: Cinema Screening of Peacemakers

February 2013, Ritzy, Brixton.


Celebrate Life Event’s first foray into cinema was a resounding success. It ended up being the world premiere of ‘Peacemakers’ which was originally meant for TV broadcast but after our event and subsequent video it was shown at numerous cities in many countries round the world.


The film was a dynamic and lively interview between Jeremy Gilley and Prem Rawat who both approach the subject of peace from different perspectives. Jeremy’s efforts are aimed at global ceasefire, an end to violence and awareness of International Peace Day, Prem focuses on the individual’s need for personal peace. 

The journey they both take during the course of the conversation is both moving and inspiring. 

We were lucky enough to have the producer introduce the event and take Q & As afterwards, and he was joined by Guest Speaker Mel Larsen founder of the ‘Little Big Peace Festival’ in Streatham.


The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton hosted the sell-out event and there wasn’t a spare seat to be found on the night. Once the event was over we grabbed people for quick interviews before they left. These interviews were made into a short video for YouTube which was sent around the world inspiring other communities across the UK and the world to host their own screenings of Peacemakers.


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