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The past few years have seen us organise a variety of events from large-scale music producations to small, spontaneous jam sessions. Many genres of music have been explored, with communities from Rwanda to Nepal, Venezuela to Bangladesh. The articles below showcase some of these events.


Power to Change - Peace Day

September 2022


Article coming soon...


New Hope, New Beginnings

June 2022


Lockdown was a time of reflection as well as a time of many challenges, especially for musicians and artists. With this in mind... READ MORE


Power to Change at Marcus Lipton

March 2022


In March Celebrate Life took new documentary Power to Change out of a cinema for the first time and screened it right in the heart of the community where it belongs... READ MORE


Get Creative With Peace

April 2019


On a Tuesday evening in Brixton, South London, an extraordinary event took place at the Black Cultural Archives. This iconic building... READ MORE

Spaces for Voices Workshops

Autumn 2017


A collaboration with Refugee Youth and APOW (Amazing People of the World) in Croydon... READ MORE

Amal - Hope

September 2016


Celebrate Life events and Arts Canteen came together to host another fantastic evening at Rich Mix, full of melodies, rhythms, storytelling and theatre. The theme was ‘Hope’, with a focus... READ MORE

Voices for Peace

November 2015


Celebrate Life Events returned to the Hideaway as a follow-on from the September Peace Events. It was a warm, intimate event with music, spoken word, food and the main focus on the the peace films showcasing the Peace Education Programme. More info coming soon...

Amahoro II

September 2015


Celebrate Life Events were back at the RichMix, in Shoreditch London, for the second year, after a hugely successful Peace Day event last September. This time they were collaborating with the Burundian as well as...


Mudibu CLE

M​udibu's Album Launch

July 2015


In the heart of London’s business district, surrounded by gleaming sky scrapers and noisy machines creating new additions to the already crowded skyline, is a secret gem of calm and medieval beauty. This is...


Celebrating Love

February 2015

On the Eve of St Valentine's Day Celebrate Life Events hosted  'A journey through Love’ at The Rich Mix venue in Shoreditch - an evening where boundaries were dissolved for a cultural fusion of music, dance, storytelling and short films... READ MORE

Amahoro - Peace & Hope

September 2014


Shoreditch is a trendy urban area of East London famous for graffiti plastered onto shop fronts, vintage clothes, ramshackle bars, and quirky cafes.

The RichMix music venue sits right in...


Latin-American Rhythms for Peace

November 2013


On a chilly Autumn evening in North London, there was one place where the warmth of South America was glowing. Musicians from Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia were sharing their exceptional talents to an appreciative crowd - all in the name of peace.


PeaceBeats in Brixton

February 2013


On the 28th February the first of a series of events called PeaceBeats took place at the Ritzy in Brixton. We were collaborating for the first time with Charis Cooper, who wanted to do an event aimed specifically at a younger audience...



Power to Change - Dwaynamics

September 2022


It’s a glorious sunny afternoon in Loughborough Park, and crowds are gathering at the new Community Centre, opening...  READ MORE


Power to Change - Frontline Club

June 2022


The Frontline Club is a media club in Paddington that champions independent journalism. It was founded in 2003 by Vaughan Smith, a freelance... READ MORE


Power to Change Premiere

November 2021


The Ritzy is an iconic building in the heart of Brixton. It is one of England’s earliest purpose-built cinemas, surviving the Blitz and numerous... READ MORE


Seeds of Peace

June 2018


It was a glorious sunny afternoon on the 10th June in South London as a special event began to unfold: Seeds of Peace, part of the Peace is Possible campaign.

It had been... READ MORE

A World in London

June 2017


On the 9th June Celebrate Life Events were delighted to host a small invitation-only event with guests and artists from many different cultural groups - A World in London! Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat’s message usually features at our events in film, but this time... READ MORE

Pachamama - Honouring Mother Earth

February 2016


A Sunday afternoon is not usually the busiest time at East London venue RichMix, but today is an exception. The lobby is thronging with crowds of people waiting for the doors to open for tonight’s... READ MORE

No Borders - Världens Band

October 2015

(Article by music journalist, Chris Twomey)


There’s been a lot of music in my life. All sorts of music. First there was classical (courtesy of my dad), ‘light popular’ (mum), then my first EP - ‘Pinky & Perky Sing The Beatles‘...


Peacemakers in Streatham

September 2015


On Sept 17th Celebrate Life Events returned to the Hideaway Venue in Streatham for the fourth consecutive year as part of Little Big Peace Festival. The festival was founded by Mel Larsen...


Songs to Inspire

March 2015


On March 21st Celebrate Life Events collaborated with CulturePot Global and arts venue RichMix as part of the Freedom Week celebrations for Bangladesh Independence Day. Named ‘Songs to Inspire’ it brought traditional, classical and...


World Music Jam

November 2014


On the 28th October, we organised our first World Music Jam Session - bringing together 25 musicians from 12 different countries, most of whom had never met before.

Music was spontaneously created and...



Cinema Screening​ of Peacemakers

February 2014


Celebrate Life Event’s first foray into cinema was a resounding success. It ended up being the world premiere of ‘Peacemakers’ which was originally meant for TV broadcast but after our event and subsequent video it was shown at numerous cities in...


Voices for Peace in Streatham

September 2013


Peace Day is taken seriously by Streatham in South-West London. For the past few years The Little Big Peace Event has marked the occasion with a week-long festival filled with community-based events promoting...



Past Events

2012, 2011, 2010


In the ealier years we did a variety of events ranging from small intimate clubs to larger peace events. The genres were varied but the core was always the same. Thanks to Nitesh Mistry they are well documented with wonderful photographs.

More links coming soon...

Previous Events - Articles

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