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Every event we do is in collaboration with groups, communities, individuals and of course the artists themselves. 

They are a part of the team and help to make each event successful. Below are some of the people we collaborate with, and links to their work.


Celebrate Life Events
Celebrate Life Events
Celebrate Life Events

Patrice Shema: Chairman of the UK Rwandan Community and a visual artist, Patrice has collaborated with us on several occasions for music events themed on peace.

Carolina Graterol: Visual artist originally from Venezuela and a lover of World Music. We collaborated with Carolina for the ‘Rhythms for Peace’ event celebrating Latin American music and culture.

Ganga Thapa: Nepalese musician, highly respected amongst the Nepalese UK Community - collaborated with us on a fundraiser for ‘Food for People’ Nepal and 'Music for Development' Bangladesh.

Celebrate Life Events
Celebrate Life Events

Noga Ritter: Israeli artist now living in London, member of Vocal Global. She collaborated with us for an event themed on Love, bringing many cultures together to celebrate their similarities in a non-political, non-religious environment.

Mr Gee: Poet, comedian, musician and presenter. He has collaborated with us on several events including 'Amahoro' at the RichMix.


Celebrate Life Events

Vicki Cespedes: Bolivian pan-pipe player. Watch out for future collaborations with Vicky in early 2016...

Celebrate Life Events

Mudibu: A singer-songwriter from Burundi. We collaborated with him when he launched his new album 'Inzatsa' and he is also a regular performer at our events.

Celebrate Life Events
Celebrate Life Events

Afla Sackey: Afla with his amazing band, AfrikBawantu blends traditional Ghanaian music with sizzling Afro-beat grooves, topping it off with an irresistibly funky twist.

He was the main band at our 'Celebrating Love' event.

Ramon Goose: blues guitarist, singer and producer currently working on The West African Blues Project. He played at our 'Voices for Peace' event at The Hideaway in Streatham collaborating with Abdoulaye Samb.

Celebrate Life Events

Nawroz Oramari: A famous and well-respected singer from Kurdistan who grew up in Iraq after his family was slaughtered and forced to flee. His music cuts straight to the heart and he is a regular contributor to our events.

Celebrate Life Events
Celebrate Life Events

Namvula: Namvula combines folk traditions of her Zambian homeland with her Scottish heritage - crossing boundaries, yet still firmly rooted in African soil and in the storytelling traditions of folk music.

Kishon Khan: is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger and music producer. His band, Lokkhi Terra, fuses African and Cuban rhythms with a Bangladeshi twist creating irresistible music.

Celebrate Life Events
Celebrate Life Events

Jean-Paul Samputu: Singer/songwriter, poet and peace activist from Rwanda. Jean-Paul is a survivor of the genocide and brings his audiences not only traditional African music, but also a message of peace and forgiveness. He has been a star act at many of our events.

Adriano Adewale: Percussionist from Brazil who has performed at many of our events, solo or with his group: Umpatacum.

Celebrate Life Events

Najma Akhtar: Renowned Indian singer who creates unique and melodious fusion music between East and Western styles. Collaborated with us for our 'Voices for Peace' event in Streatham.

Celebrate Life Events

Dele Sosimi: well-known Afrobeat singer and musician from Nigeria (played with Fela Kuti). One of the stars of the London World Music scene.

Celebrate Life Events

Rachel Hayter: a flautist and music educator based in London. Although classically trained, Rachel is most likely to be found playing Brazilian and World music. She has added her skills as a flautist and arranger at two of our events.

Celebrate Life Events

Mulele Matondo: Mulele is a musician and songwriter from Kinshasa, Kongo, the capital of music. He writes 'conscious' music and collaborates with many other artists and bands, such as Afrikbawantu, for our Celebrating Love event.


Horizon Alternative Education - Final Lo


Horizon provides innovative educational workshops, courses and mentoring in an alternative way to improve the overall well being for young people aged 8-24 years and adults who support them.

MGT LOGO (2).png


An East London-based theatre company who believes in theatre as a place for exploration and dissent in democratic society.

Mas Lab Logo.jpg


MAS RECORDS is a non-profit music development programme founded in 2001.

The label's aim is to support the development of music in the UK and provide emerging artists a bridge into the wider industry.


There are two aspects to this amazing foundation which promotes dignity, peace and prosperity. The 'Food for People' programme which we have raised funds for at several of our events and the 'Peace Education Programme' which helps to share Prem Rawat's message of peace in institutions across the world.

Foof for People

Peace Education Programme

Celebrate Life Events


In Place of War supports artists and creative communities living in sites of war, revolution and conflict. Founded by Ruth Daniel, a dynamic and inspiring person from Manchester, it is an multi-faceted organisation with a far-reaching impact accross the globe.

Ruth Daniel

Celebrate Life Events


RichMix has hosted many of our events and many more in the pipeline. It is a fantastic venue in Shoredeitch hosting a variety of multicultural events, and has become a community hub.

_MG_0432 1400.jpg


St Ethelburga’s is a centre of peace and reconciliation in the heart of London. They inspire and equip people from all backgrounds to become peace-builders in their own communities and lives.



Dwaynamics is a Boxing Gym in Brixton. The services offered are designed to steer at-risk youth away from gang-culture, knife crime and gun violence, and encourage them to see that there is a future.



APOW (Amazing People of the World) is a local Refugee Youth project in Croydon. It provides a regular space for young people who are newly arrived in the UK, most of whom are here alone without family.

Celebrate Life Events


A free festival in Streatham celebrating the idea and culture of peace. We have been a part of the festival for 4 years now and its founder, Mel Larsen, has collaberated with us on numerous other projects as well.

Celebrate Life Events


An Arts Collective promoting and supporting artists as well as charities. We collaborated with them for 'Rhythms for Peace' in Muswell Hill, North London.

Celebrate Life Events


Runi Khan is the founder of Culturepot Global, a diverse initiative promtoing Bangladeshi music and culture in the UK. We worked together on a musical fundraiser in March 2015.

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