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Power to Change 


In a time where youth violence is on the rise across the country, and with the poverty gap only increasing, Power to Change is a unique film that looks at the simplest solution: the innate goodness of a human being, who will make the right choices given the tools and encouragement to do so.

Sometimes all it takes is one person, one act, one choice, to change the trajectory of a lifetime.

The film tells the stories of five people: EJ a young man drawn into gang culture from an early age; Lorraine a grieving mother who lost her son to knife-crime as he saved another boy; Gerald, founder of Impact Brixton, who learned to navigate one of London’s most dangerous areas after emigrating from Ghana as a child; Errol a repeat offender with 74 previous convictions; and Nate a former gang-member who was brutally stabbed by a childhood friend. The stories are woven together by Kaysen, a teacher, who passionately believes in supporting young people.

Adding a unique perspective to this mix we hear from author and peace-educator Prem Rawat whose work in prisons in the UK and around the world has had a remarkable impact. 

Power to change was crowdfunded by the community and came together with the support and collaboration of many.

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