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A Collaboration between Celebrate Life events, Refugee Youth and APOW (Amazing People of the World)

Croydon, September - October 2017

Celebrate Life Events aim to promote a culture of peace by bringing people from different communities together.


Spaces for Voices is our latest endeavour. We are fortunate to have Lottery funding for this exciting project which has begun with a series of workshops, during September and October, for young people to express themselves through the Arts.


Visual artist and film maker, Cedoux Kadima planned and facilitated the workshops, taking the young people on a journey of self-discovery through the use of shapes, colours and freeform.


Throughout the six weeks we used several creative options including art, film and spoken word, to encourage self-expression and help everyone involved to connect with their creative flair.


Our first 6 workshops have been a great success working with Refugee Youth and the young people from Amazing People of the World - APOW in Croydon. 


We witnessed some wonderfully colourful and vibrant artwork, and some heartfelt words from those who came to the workshops.


On 28th October the art of from the workshops were displayed as part of the Youth Takeover Event in Croydon, run by Croydon Youth Arts collective - CYAC, alongside several other youth arts and theatre groups. The day was an eclectic mix of arts ranging from music, drama, role playing, participatory art, painting and much more. All this at Croydon's historical Clock Tower.  


The David Lean cinema showcased short videos made by various creative groups in the borough, including the above video with interviews from the workshop participants.


We are planning more sessions to explore creativity through the arts and a 'Finale' with music, dance, spoken word, art and much more.  Watch this space !

More info:


Workshops organised by Celebrate Life:


Facilitated by Cedoux Kadima:


Part of Refugee Youth:


Special thanks to Federico Rivas and Shanti Sarkar - Refugee Youth /APOW


Funded by National Lottery

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