Videos are a large part of what we do. Every event is filmed in high quality, with interviews from the artists and audience members.

The footage is then made into short video recaps of the event by our resident editor and film-maker, Wendy Lewis. These have a reach far wider than the event itself and the Celebrate Life videos have developed a bit of a following across the world. Feel free to browse the collection below.

Get Creative With Peace - promo

The creative sessions of our peace workshops include, beatboxing, music-making and writing. You can see a short promo here.

Knife Crime Drama Piece - Seeds of Peace Event

Open Curtain Drama Group created this short piece for our Seeds of Peace Event at Lambeth College

Spaces for Voices Project - Refugee Youth, APOW

Spaces for Voices Project in collaboration with Refugee Youth, APOW and Cedoux Kadima

Seeds of Peace Event - Post-event comments

Seeds of Peace - Organised by Dwaynamics and Celebrate Life Events with Lambeth Police Community Partnerships

Celebrate Life Events - Promo

A 2 min promo about Celebrate Life events, with footage from a Little Big Peace Collaboration at the Hideway in Streatham

AMAHORO II - video recap

Organised by Celebrate Life Events in collaboration with the UK Rwandan and Burundian Communities

Songs to Inspire - Nepalese/Bengali Collaboration

On the 21st March, 2015, Celebrate Life Events collaborated with Culturepot Global and RichMix London for a special event called 'Songs to Inspire'. It brought together traditional music from Bangladesh and its neighbour, Nepal, fused with contemporary music from London-based musicians. It also raised funds for two charities: Music for Development, helping children in the slums of Dhaka, and the Food for People programme, breaking the cycle of poverty in one of the poorest regions of Nepal.

Amahoro I - Peace & Forgiveness, video recap

Music and Peace event in London organised by Celebrate Life Events in collaboration with the Rwandans in the UK

Rhythms for Peace - video recap

A short video from a wonderful Celebrate Life Event: Latin American Rhythms for Peace. Including interviews with guests and artists, breathtaking performances from Diego Laverde, Adriano Adewale and Martha Acosta, a traditional puppet show by Jose Navarro and highlights from the short film on peace presenting Prem Rawat's message.

PeaceBeats - Brixton, video recap

A collaboration with Peacebeats. The event was held Upstairs at the Ritzy in Brixton. This short film aims to capture the occasion.

Kalia improvising on the Nay

Kalia improvising on the Nay at the 'Celebrating Love' Event organised by Celebrate Life Events

Namvula - 'Na Ndayeya'

'Na Ndayeya' by Namvula, filmed during an interview at St Ethelburga's

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Walls - Uncle Errol

Spoken-word artist Errol recites this powerful piece in a new video collabration with Celebrate Life

Seeds of Peace - Uncle Errol, Luke Tunney

Music and dance video for Uncle Errol's poem inspired by the Peace Education Programme.

Get Creative With Peace Workshops

Our first event at Black Cultural Archives in Brixton showcasing our new series of workshops for young people

Mr Gee and Mudibu: Advice From Two Seasoned Performers

A lively and humorous conversation between two seasoned performers: Mr Gee (poet, comedian and radio presenter) and Mudibu (UK-Burundi singer songwriter). Their advice and insights will be especially interesting to new and aspiring artists. Topics covered include the path to becoming an artist, the resilience needed, the moment you commit, the good times and the very worst, self-validation vs audience validation, why you do it and why the live art from will never die.

Peace Education at Angell Town, Brixton UK

Celebrate Life Events in partnership with PC Damon Tulloch-Foley ran the Peace Education Programme in Angell Town's Community Centre. This video contains some of the interviews we did on the last session.

Inside Peace Screening - Whirled Cinema

Celebrate Life Events collaborated with PC Damon Tulloch-Foley, to screen the documentary 'Inside Peace' to Lambeth community groups, police and local movers and shakers. We interviewed them at the end of the night and this video includes some of what they said.

What does love mean to you?

On Valentine's Day Celebrate Life Events brought together musicians from all over the world for an event themed on love. During the event we asked audience members and musicians: "What does love mean to you?" These are the answers.

Hey Bear! - Cartoon

Created for the 'Celebrate Love Event'. Words and voice by Prem Rawat, Artwork by Sally Fisher, Edited by Wendy Lewis

The Call for Peace

Short video about the desire for peace throughout the ages, made for a Celebrate Life Event

Interview with Jonathan Robinson - Author & Prison Reformer

In late 2014, Celebrate Life Events organised a full day of interviews with interesting people from all walks of life living in London. Jonathan Robinson was one of the interviewees, who we had met by chance at an awards ceremony a few days earlier. Going to prison changed his life in many ways, and here he tells us how, and why.

Vocal Global at 'Celebrating Love' Event.

On the 13th Feb Celebrate Life Events collaborated with Vocal Global for a special event celebrating love and building bridges. Here is one song from the event. 'Celebrating Love' ~ organised by Celebrate Life Events & Vocal Global

Tiu De Haan @ The Hideaway, Streatham

Tiu De Haan was the opening act at the Voices for Peace event in Streatham, London. She performed with Tara Franks and Jack Ross.

Dani Cali @ St Ethelburga's

Dani Cali set the tone for the evening at an International Peace Day celebration at St Ethelburga's, London.

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